Buying real estate as foreigner

Anyone got experience with this?

If I become a permanent resident I can buy an apartment?

Any real estate agents feel free to contact me.

I have permanent residence, I bought a small 25-metre flat in a suburbanesque but slightly rundown Almaty mountain village, it was easy, so yes you can, but you will be told that you can't by some people, even people at the top don't know the law fully, so you need to make sure you get the right lawyer. But I bought a flat, yes, and I have full governmental documents proving ownership validated by lawyers and government agencies, which also state that I am the sole owner. However, please note, if you leave KZ for more than three at any one time, your permanent residence expires and your ownership of the property is automatically void. No money back! If that is an issue for you, don't buy. Getting PR is harder than buying a flat though, good luck!


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