Rent in Bahrain

Hello everyone,
Do you have any idea if we can rent a house in Bahrain with our Saudi iqama or not?
We live in Riyadh now and we are moving to Dammam, so we thought it’s better to go to Bahrain instead.
Would like to hear from you soon.
Thank you .

kindly go through these posts


Thank you for the reply, I have checked but didn’t find an answer if I can rent a house based on my Saudi iqama,
I mean my husband’s iqama can we rent a house in Bahrain?
I’m sorry if this was repetitive but I didn’t find a clear answer either on google or here.

There is no clear answer because it is a grey area.

Legally speaking, landlords should ask for your Bahrain residence visa / CPR before renting to you.  However, landlords habitually rent to Saudi Iqama holders, especially for short rentals.   I wouldn't advise it in your situation as you won't be living there short term and would need to have a CPR to pretty much to do everything e.g. bank accounts, phones etc.

However, as an Iqama holder, you can get a paper CPR in Bahrain as well as a longer term visa.  The paper CPR will allow you to rent property without issue.

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