Marrying someone with 2 family names - which do I get?

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I am new to the forum so apologies if I'm posting wrong. I'm living in Denmark and looking into the process of marrying a Dane. All seems fairly straight forward, the only thing I can't work out is the surname! My partner has 2 family names, so his full name is [First name] [Mother's surname] [Father's surname]. When we marry, which surname will I have? Is it optional; do I pick one or do I get both? I don't mind either way, just can't seem to get a clear answer and feeling a bit lost. He sometimes just goes by his mother's name if that's useful info at all. Thanks in advance

Names are divided into first names, middle names and surnames. You can only have one surname, but many ................. of the other names. Only if your husband's family names are combined with a hypen, it is considered one name.

The starting point is that we all keep our own family name when we marry if we haven't decided something else.  It is a possibility for both parties to take the other's middle names and surname. It only requires the other's permission.

You can also combine your names.
If your name is Smith Jones and your boyfriend's name is Hansen Jensen, you can choose to combine the names randomly, wear two of them, three of them or all four names.

The list of names can be very long with time. Imagine that a child with four names meet another child with four names, and they marry. And their children .............  When said, children will automatically wear their mother's family name unless you choose another solution.

In modern times where we are all equal individuals, I would keep my own family name, maybe a combination if you think so. … neaendring


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