Single Retiree Receiving a Pension of $1,900 USD Per Month

My SS is 700.  Been here about 37 years, 12 as a pensioner.  As long as the health holds out I'm good to go.

I'm happy that Mexico can provide a place for those relying on SS to live. Thanks for sharing your experiece Jonny!

I agree with GringaLatina. Rosarito is wonderful and you can
well on your income. We live just a little south past the movie studios
with water views. $60.00 a mo for high-speed internet. About $30.00
a mo for gas, $40.00 for electric. We're there 50% of the time.

Hi GaLa,

Like many in the US, I'm thinking of moving to Mexico.  Can I actually live in a place like San Miquel de Allende for the same price, or are the expats making that impossible??

Shouldn't be a problem. I live in SMA for 40% of
what it cost to live in Portland OR. Check

numbeo not number. Here's the comparison - You would need around 2,231.16$ (42,952.24MXN) in San Miguel de Allende to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 7,800.00$ in New York, NY (assuming you rent in both cities).

Dear Halfwaytree,

How goes the search?  My name is Robert ("NYC Rob"), I just retired from my long-time business and I'm looking to retire in SMA.

My pension is small, but I know if I can find a nice roommate, we could make this thing happen, and soon!  My dream is to get out of Dodge by April the first when my lease here expires.

The question is, have you found a solution to your dream of relocating to SMA??  I own a small dog named "Roscoe," I'm a fairly great cook, and I'm super clean and quiet.  Please contact me if interested, and I'll shoot you my email or phone #, whichever is better for you:)


Hi Rob:

I actually am just beginning my search for a place to settle down. I leave in a few days to check out Oaxca City, Huatulco & Puerto Escondido, just to get a feel for those regions. For me there will be at least three more of those kind of trips to explore different areas that intrigue  me before I commit. I am no where near the point of pulling the trigger like you are.

I wish you the very best and safe travels!

Thanks for gettin' back.  Let us know where you like best!

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Hi beachseeker:

Thanks for the heads up about Merida.

Yes, Merida and surrounding area will be one of my next visits.

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