HELP!EP extended review by MOM

Hi guys,

About the end of March, I received email from MOM saying that they need 3 more months to review my EP application... Idk if anyone here encountered similar situation. Now almost waited 3 months since my application in Feb...

My hr told me that mom has requested for my salary breakdown. also mentioned that Mom wondered why I got hired since there are quite a few local/pr applications via Job bank. And they decide to extend the review time..

There’s no more updates in April...After that just about a week ago, MOM requested a copy of my cv from my hr. I’m not so sure what happened there and what outcome to expect

Brief background:
Chinese. Fresh graduate from NUS
Have interned with my company for 2 months then get converted to full time ( BD role)
Fixed monthly Salary:$ 3600
Application date: 2.12
Extended Review email :3.27
Cv required date: 5.16


Getting an EP as fresh graduate is very difficult - if you didn't study in Singapore you'd already have a rejection in hand!
If MoM told you in late March that they need another 3 months, then I would expect the review to take untillate June. Anything sooner is lucky for you.

thanks beppi!will wait till june

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