Looking for a flat or house near sanepa chowk on rent for family


We are three in family and will be staying for prolong period. Looking for a house somewhere near Sanepa chowk. Furnished or semi furnished.

Try the housing section top of this page.

I have a flat at Gyaneswor,if your interested.


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Please place a free advertisement in the housing section. Advertising not permitted here on the open forum.

Placing an ad in the housing section is a good idea. Also, ask your guesthouse manager. They can be a great resource. There are also professional real estate companies that provide rentals, especially in the Sanapa area. Just stay near to where you think you want to stay.

I hope you enjoy your time in Nepal. Are you working at an international agency? There is an introduction section, too, in case you haven't posted there. We seem to be a pretty small community, so you'll find a great welcoming and whatever help you need.

What to expect from a budget guesthouse

Thank you.

If you are still looking you can take my 2 - bedroom flat. It's nice and big and even with an induction burner, as well as 3-gas burners and brand new refrigerator that was made in Nepal, CG.

Anyone, just send me a note. I can move out anytime. It's really complete with everything you need. I just need 35,000. You can pay the landlord for electricity and WIFI.

I'm also going to put an ad in the Housing section.

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