TIME Internet 100Mbps fibre MYR99 plan reliability & customer service?

1) The TIME Internet 100Mbps fibre MYR99 plan reliability & their customer service - good/bad?
2) How long does installation (non-Ramadan/holiday period), as in getting them to come by to then lay cables from the riser into a flat, typically take?

I am on an old Unifi 10Mbps plan & can only go to a 30Mbps highrise plan in my bldg if I want a small savings (using the same equipment) compared with my current plan - their customer service is no better or worst than what I am used to... out here.... with occasional connection issues that don't last long.

With TIME fibre (the only fibre option for my building), I could save close to Myr50 BUT if its NOT reliable in the middle of Bukit Bintang, then it ain't worth it...Also, their contractor will need to lay cable from the riser to my unit - I don't know how much trouble that will be......

https://www.time.com.my/personal/broadb … -broadband

1. As an ex TM Unifi user, I can say that I much prefer the speeds and customer service offered by Time.
2. Installation takes about a week from signing up. I can't say how your particular installation would go - so many unknown variables. You might get some advice from the dedicated Time Fibre thread on the Lowyat subforum Networks and Broadband.

There may be a charge for laying the surface cable as the standard free installation includes a certain distance.

The cable is just attached to the wall so completely visible and a bit unsightly. This is because in BB most of the buildings only have copper installations which Time will not use (TM use them from riser to phone point as you know).

I've not heard of problems with Time in BB though. I have heard of problems on high floors with Internet in general. If TM works in your unit then perhaps Time will be OK as well.

Note: although 2 year contracts are always offered there are 1 year contracts available by paying an installation fee.

"There may be a charge for laying the surface cable as the standard free installation includes a certain distance. The cable is just attached to the wall so completely visible and a bit unsightly."

Ohhh... As someone a bit ignorant on this stuff: I assume this fibre cable comes into a flat and then attaches to some sort of box that needs to be plugged in and then sends the Internet out as wifi at 100MBPS speed?

If so, the "unsightly" cable and any plugged in boxes would need to stay by the front door (with the nearest plug some feet away) or be run into the Kitchen (a weird place to put and plug in a box...). Otherwise, the current internet boxes/TV hook ups/phone lines are no where near the front door and alot of cable would need to be run along 2 walls or under the ceiling...

The building is probably around 12-15 years old or finished just before the global financial crisis...

I'm thinking its just better to upgrade/stick with TM - one other concern JUST in case I move: On other expat forums/listservs, I see expats posting trying to unload their TIME plans w/ time left on the contract b/c they are moving to a new building where its not available. I am assuming that if I did move to a new building, I should be able to take Unifi with me or switch to their fibre plan if they are doing fibre in that building

The incoming signal is not sent as WiFI if installed by Time but you could adapt it after standard installation.

The fibre optic cable is laid to the actual router which requires an electrical point and a telephone point if a land line is part of the package. When linking to a WiFi signal performance is lower.

The installation is done to bypass the copper wires inside the unit

Yes to your second point

Does anyone reading have TIME and measured the actual speed?

Like TM, speeds are relative to several factors and never guaranteed. "Best effort" basis, they say in the contract. But if I bought 100 and at least consistently got 25, id call that a victory.

I opted to stay with Unifi to just not have any more hassles for now and go from an old 10MBPS plan to a 30MBPS plan for a cheaper price. Speedtest by Oookla says right now I now have a download speed of 18.6 and an upload speed of 9+ versus 9-9.5 for both under the previous 10MBPS plan - so I did at least increase my download speed for a lower price... Let me add, this speed is on my laptop wifi - not on a cable connection directly to the box

I am using the same old equipment and this equipment or the wires in my building may be the limiting factor as well as time of day....

Mind you, my parents are in a rural area of the USA and have a dish on the roof for internet receiving a signal from an antenna or something on an old grain elevator some miles away. Upload speed always seems alot slower there than here.

I'm on the 500Mbps plan and doing tests with both Ookla and fast dot com I get over 400Mbps in almost all cases. However, that is only using test servers within Malaysia. Time customers often complain that the international bandwidth (eg from the USA) is far, far lower, particularly in the evenings when everyone is trying to stream or torrent.

I am on the Time 100 mbps plan though I find its reliability here where I live (10 mins from Publika) to be not that great - usually have an outage for a few hours at least once a month. I previously had 30 mbps plan with Maxis in Bangsar and it was very reliable so I feel that reliability is dependent on area/building. The speed I get with the 100mbps plan is generally 80mbps on WIFI though when surfing the web it doesn't feel faster than my previous 30mbps. The only point when I notice it is definitely faster is when I am downloading files.

Secondly on the contract aspect as you pointed out, I find Malaysia completely antiquated in this area as you can't get out of a contract if you are leaving the country for instance which is a huge headache for Expats and makes no sense! Maxis does actually let you leave the contract if you are leaving the country but Time does not and I am considering just ditching the contract when I leave since there seems no other option.

I despise tech overall but this is actually an interesting thread.

I had 1.5mbps until only a few years ago and changed to 8mpbs with no noticeable improvement, just tiny. So i was/am very reluctant to pay for higher when they dont even have to provide the advertised speed.

For ages, my challenge is getting TM to even provide ANY net service consistently. Since Aug 2018 the service is constantly on-off all day long. How many reports have i made!? Finally they came last week, saw the problem for themselves and had NO CLUE why. We've changed wiring out to the street, changed routers several times, changed everything and TM refuses to acknowledge it could possibly be their problem. I even got a letter from HQ in February stating they found and fixed the problem internally--but nothing changed. I also complain that when it starts raining the net flat stops for two hours and they witnessed this themselves too but refused to even check the telephone pole outside or the equipment boxes on the street.

That basically sums up my net experience in Malaysia. 20 years, never had lets say any 30-day period of solid, quiet, good, stable net. Im already paying RM150/mo for 8mpbs. Why pay more for this kind of wretched service?? By the way, this is Streamyx. Unifi and Time have never been available where i live.

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