Sargassum Seaweed

Last year was a terrible, and perhaps the worst year for Sargassum seaweed throughout all the Caribbean.

On my flights down to the Leeward Islands via Puerto Rico two weeks ago I noticed large lines of the seaweed everywhere again in the seas.

So this article today in Diario Libre about Boca Chica being clogged up with the seaweed was not all together suprising, but the sheer amount in the photo near the marina did shock me. … JN12799451

Perhaps another bad year is in stall?

Wow that looks bad!

Just dreaming...but wouldn’t it be awesome if all countries in Caribbean paid something to a company that created floating biofuel factories and then those countries would get the fuel at cost too. And while I’m dreaming, plastic bags and packaging made from coconut husks, sugarcane scraps, avocado pits ( <– which they already do in Mexico) some point sargassum will impact tourism permanently. I read a report that the agricultural run off from Mississippi and Amazon contribute to sargassum...not going to get better anytime soon.

Do Sousa and Cabarete beach get a lot of it?? Punta Cana had some in December when I was there, but I always remember them having to clean it up daily. I think Barbados is one if the worst spots.

I live in a 3rd floor beachfront condo overlooking Sosua Bay, never seen any seaweed here.

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