International Schools with true full inclusion

Hi there,
We are seeking a school that truly embraces children of all abilities.
We have considered a number of schools and advised that many are now consider only as a business and hence seek to minimise students that would need additional care and support to mitigate expenses and skilled staff.
A friend suggested Dover Court International School (DCIS) in the Holland area, however we heard that recent changes in the schools leadership and driven by investment from private equity now has the school focused on running purely as a business, that it has become highly disciplinarian and lost focus on the students success and welfare. Similar stories with a few of the other well know international schools. I would very much welcome feedback from others with children attending international schools, their experience and recommendations.

thanks Dave

Read the below thread, if it helps.

Disabled people are by far not as integrated and receive far less attention and support as in some Western countries. The idea that they not inferior to, just different from others does not exist in the general populace. You also hardly ever see disabled people in public.
As you have rightly observed, most of the private schools are for-profit and may not want to entertain students with higher support requirements. Probably those run by more enlightened foreign organisations fare better here (e.g. British, American, Canadian, Australian, French, German, etc. schools) - but this is just a guess of mine.
Singapore's public schools do surprize in many respects, so I won't rule them out either, if I were you.  Approach MoE and ask! There are special public schools for mentally disabled, but those aren't very good as far as I heard.

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