Background verification with Current employer

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I have come to singapore on a tourist VISA to attend interview and I have accepted an offer.The company has applied for my EP.

I have also received an offer in India and wish to work on a consultant basis till the time my EP doesnt gets approved by next week.

I would like to ask whether MOM  contacts my current employer as part of their background verification? My current company is a MNC group company  based in Saudi and I am not sure to whom they  will contact given that our HR team usually do not respond to any background verification checks.

Having said that, can I update my current employment details of the new company where I will be working as consultant and intimate the same to MOM ?


Background checks are not done by MoM itself, but by third party agencies. How and what they check is not published, so it's impossible to tell.
Be careful: You are not allowed to do any paid work while in Singapore on a tourist visa - that includes remote and freelance consultant work for foreign clients.

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