Entry into Romania with permesso on renewal


I am an indian passport holder and have been living in italy for almost 3 years and have a long term visa here(was as a student now am working). but at the moment my permesso is expired and is in renewal as i have the ricevuta with me. I have to visit romania as it is one of my friends wedding.

I know if my permeso is expired it will cause problems but wanted to know if this works as the questura here will not give me a temporary visa as my fingerprints date is too close to my travel date.

I have already bought the flight tickets to romania so i want to give it a try to get there. Also, I have a valid US tourist visa for 10 years but i have never entered the US before.

Can someone please help me understand if i can get to Romania? or i will have to apply for a Visa for it

Thank you in advance

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