Mandatory health insurance for retirees

Apparently this formidable additional expense will come into effect in July (2019).
To be processed at the time of applying for a one-year visa.

Looking at the "approved" health insurance providers, premiums will quickly escalate from about Bt 50,000 a year for a 50 year old to Bt 250,000 a year for those in their 90s.

For myself this is outrageously more than I currently pay for non-subsidised care at a local hospital.

It is also difficult to believe that authorities have found this measure necessary due to foreigners dodging hospital bills; my experience is that hospitals demand a credit card before they will even see you. (never understood how that stands up against medical ethics)

Does anyone have an opinion on how this will hit foreign retirees?
Knowledge of how authorities consulted foreigners for this would also be interesting?

Its going to hit every expat in the pocket if they currently have no insurance and just barely meet the financial requirements for a visa.  The hardest hit will be people that cannot obtain insurance for whatever reason.   Next will be people living on fixed income with increasing insurance cost with age.  At some point some or maybe all will be forced to return to home country.

People that properly planned before moving to a foreign country already have insurance, or are capable of self insuring, will not see much if any change in life style.

Correct. Credit card or cash of 3k for 15 minutes be seen. Mainly dr of a different origin
None Thai... It's very like a hotel  organized.
Then pay then be seen. Watch your credit card go on fire.
I walked out after 15 minutes stating cheep to go home
Travel insure they very frustrating who it is and not accept it
Cheaper to go home was my conclusion.

Does anyone know of a health Insurance that covers someone over 70?

i was going to get 12 month travel insurance before i come would this be consider as covering the mandatory health insurance

I think we have to wait and see how Immigration is going to interpretation the laws/rules.

As once again the wording are "bad" in the Thai version of it.
Renewing is use, And some Immigration "MIGHT" see that for Extension to stay.

Most English news & forum site interpretation of the new law/rules is that it is "ONLY" for NoN OA Visa, And this one we can only get from home country.
I have no idea  how many using this to come and stay 1-2 years as this Visa can be use for, Before one have to return home and start over.
As i never meet anyone that have that Visa.

But i do think it is a bit silly if the new law/rules is only for that 1 Visa.

But if the other site out there are correct that it is only NoN OA Visa.
Then people on Extension of Stay dont need to panic.
Well this time around..

Me, I am going to wait and how the Immigration is going to interpretation this before make some plans for the future...


I have a non-imm O-A visa it states "no of entry multiple" I am trying to find out all the new if any information on this visa, but no one can give me a factual answer only maybe. might and if's.

I have medical insurance from my home country which gives me emergency coverage here for eg Heart attack stroke and accident
If anything else I need to fly home
Had a cancer opp three years ago flew to SA and had the opp there.
Same  for other non emergency problems
Also have some money in the bank here for emergencies.
Have a very good Neurologist who is my Dr here locally and he has indicated he will treat me for most problems at a   very good local  military hospital where he works part time.
Go to him for my annual medical checkup.
All my chronic medicine ,eg blood pressure and Cholesterol medication I collect in SA mostly paid for by the medical fund.

Who are you insured with in Australia? How does it holdup with the government requiring 400000 bath inpatient and 400000 outpatient health visa requirement?

I am from sa.
Will see what the regulations say when promulgated

I'm here on Non-Immigrant OA and have done several Extensions of Stay.
This has certainly been an awakening year.

When I initially applied for this Visa in the US, I simply showed proof of my monthly retirement income.
The recent requirement of no longer being able to prove income and needing a direct deposit  of 65k/month into a Thai bank is a deal breaker for me.  The 800k was never an option I would chose.
If I am to consider staying in Thailand, I will go back to US and apply for a new Non-Immigrant OA.
IF they require money in a Thai bank or direct deposit into a Thai bank then I will no longer stay in Thailand.
Since I have excellent insurance from US that covers me here, I have no intention of staying in Thailand if they require me to purchase another Thai policy.

How this is going to affect other foreigners is something we will all find out starting January. 

Not sure how some are interpreting the Non OA, but from the Thai Embassy a Non-Immigrant is the only listed OA and it's a Retirement/Long stay visa.  Logically it is essentially an Extension of Stay when renewing in Thailand.
IF they are requiring those applying for an Extension of Stay, then things will get very difficult for those that moved here for the purpose of self-insuring on a as needed basis.
Correct me if I am misunderstanding this.

Don't go getting to excited, this is Thailand and so many policies have been suggested but never implemented. This is not law yet and is not even fully defined. If you take out insurance now, it may be the wrong insurance anyway.

There are many reasonable insurance companies around however many do have constraints.

I have no idea where the original poster gets information suggesting this could cost 250k per year. I have been looking for insurance for work and can get 32m Baht nil deductible Asean cover with April for 82k per year, they do not accept applications above 65 years of age, but if you take out below 65 you can keep for life and it never goes to 250k.

World wide excluding USA is 110k Baht.

Regency will give world wide excluding USA with USD1m cover for USD3,132 (91k Baht)

You can also look up Thai insurance companies at the following link.

Remember the proposal calls for each foreighner, man, wife and children to have a policy so if you fall into this you really are talking of big money.

The are many others if you do some research. But remember don't panic until the rules are set in place.

Great for you, it"s the 65 and over retirees that are having trouble finding Insurance Companies. There are many that cater for the 18 to 65 that are as good, and some that better than the one you are promoting

Hi Barry,
I am not promoting any company merely pointing out what is available. As an example if you look at Thai Axa you can apply up to 70 years of age. This gives the 400k/40k cover presently suggested.

There are many options available, ok not if you are 90 and have serious health issues. I have no idea what you can do then except go back to your home country, which is not so easy for many. I don't have a home elsewhere so this is not an option for me. I am 63.

Wait for the official guidance to be published before making any rash decisions.

As said by Steve wait and see
I am am not too concerned.
I have several friends who will never be able to afford Health Insurance here at their age but two have wifes who can cover them with cash payments of up to 2 million Baht.

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