I would like to ask for advice on my situation right now. I am convicted of AL YUSR COMPANY for the honor of not paying my monthly car payment which I took from them (CAR ALREADY RETURNED). I have not been paid since I was unemployed for almost 6 months. Today I have received a message from the MOJ of Saudi Arabia that I have to pay the total amount of that car for 60 thousand riyals. That is my big problem now since I don't have such value / amount and just recently  working last April 23 2019. My iqama has blocked . My idea is to pay  even twice of my monthly payment starting this month and automatically deduct my monthly paycheck, is it possible?

thank you very much

That option you need to agree with the car rental agency.  If they agree and advise settlement as per that agreement in MOJ, your issue would be sorted.

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