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I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana and am considering a move to the Philippines.  I am a CPA and have over 30 years of small business and individual tax accounting experience.  I am the managing partner in my small firm and have contemplated starting an expat firm in the Phil.  I visited Manila once in 2013 and fell in love with the culture.  I have much to learn, so I'm saying "Hello" and hope to continue my study here.

You might want to retire in Tagaytay, but it could be a problem to do business in the Philippines with the idea that you could earn a living.  More like a hobby.

While you were here in the Philippines, did you see any other parts of the country other than Manila?    Assuming you wish to stay in Manila, most expats here would strongly recommend that you come with enough resources to sustain your living standard and not depend on making any real money here in the Philippines.   With your accounting background, I can further assume you can easily  project all your financial needs, whether here in Manila or in some other outlying areas..  And your work here initially may just be a hobby .

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