Migration detains 2,352 foreigners; deporta 1,787 to Haiti

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Migration detains 2,352 foreigners; deporta 1,787 to Haiti during the first weeks of May


More than 10 thousand foreigners from seven countries were deported and not admitted by the DGM

The statistical data correspond to the month of April.

The Directorate General of Migration (DGM) reported that during the month of April, 10,809 foreigners were deported and not admitted , that they were in an irregular situation in the Dominican Republic or did not meet the requirements established in Law 285-04 .

According to the statistical report of the DGM ,   of the 10 thousand 809 foreigners, 5 thousand 609 were deported to their countries of origin, while another 5 thousand 200 were not admitted when trying to enter the country by air, sea and land .

According to the institution led by Lieutenant General ® (ERD) Máximo William Muñoz Delgado , the deported foreigners were from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Haiti, Italy and Venezuela. 

The majority of deported foreigners, who had irregular immigration status, were detained during interdiction operations carried out during the last weeks in different provinces of the country.

In relation to other migratory movements, the DGM report reveals that through the national airports during the referred month, there were 639 thousand 445 entries and 674 thousand 416 departures, mainly by the Punta Cana International Airport the air terminal that concentrated the largest number of passengers, followed by the airports Las Américas in Santo Domingo, Cibao in Santiago , Gregorio Luperón in Puerto Plata, La Romana , El Catey de Samaná, Joaquín Balaguer in Santo Domingo and María Montes in Barahona.

Regarding the migratory flow through the land border, the institution reports   that 30 thousand 470 entries and 24 thousand 737 exits were registered , with the Jimaní border crossing having the highest flow, followed by Dajabón, Elías Piña and Pedernales.

As   regards the seaway, the statistics indicate 97 000 445 entries and 92 000 237 outlets, mainly by tourist ports Maimon in Puerto Plata and La Romana , which are the most visited by cruise traffic.

The statistical report of the DGM also indicates the voluntary return of 94 foreigners and the reception of 161 Dominicans after serving a sentence in 16 countries for the commission of different crimes.

Similarly, the report of the institution indicated the issuance of 2 079 residences of different categories to foreigners from 62 countries .

The most interesting part of this report is at the end - monthly numbers for issue of residencies.

Over the past years many foreigners residing in DR, have opted to get residency or even citizenship and those of us who have been here for some time, know of many that have now got their residency having seen the signs of change before and after the PNRE Plan (the amnesty decree allowing illegal long term residenst to obtain a residency status).

With over 2000 a month now getting or refreshing residency it is clear that there is a reducing pool of illegal long overstayers which is shrinking all the time.

The softly softly approach advising embassies of the limitations on overstay and foreign government travel advice too seems to be working without the need to panic Westeners  by extending the significant daily round ups to them as well as Haitians Venezuelans, some other South Americans, Asians, East Europeans and those from Caribbean nations as well as those that work illegally.

It is pleasing to see expat.com takes a clear approach recommending residency or a visa status to new expats whilst advising others of the current state of play and potential pitfalls regarding overstay.

On my recent trips to Migracion in Santo Domingo, the place has been completely full. Many Chinese and South Americans getting residency.  People who work illegally are definitely being targeted no matter the country of origin, while those from North America and the EU who simply overstay on extended vacations still appear to be under the radar for deportation.

The Chinese are certainly up to something in the DR. The Chinese love to take over a countries port system, which often ends up baldy for that country, but that is a different topic than than these normal monthly roundups by immigration.

Yes it an interesting topic that deserved it's own thread. 

These monthly roundups are mainly Haitians, Venezuelans with some other countries thrown in

Yes, of those 2352,  I'll bet none, or not many are actual gringos, so it doesn't even affect most of us.  Once in a while they manage to catch a real criminal amongst them, but not often.   And I don't believe the guy who denies it's a 'cash cow',  to get 2 or 4k from overstayers.  It's on the computer now, they see it, and just get you to pay another clerk there; she probably makes 10k a month so.  I'll bet they  makea fortuen from it.

Yes this really doesn't effect most expats from developed countries.

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