Interesting experience with registering marriage outside of Brazil

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my experience registering my marriage to my Brazilian wife. What happened in our situation was a little different from the information I've been reading here. While it might be a fluke, it also might be the way things are working now.  I thought I'd share

1) We married in Vancouver, Canada in July.
2) Unfortunately, my wife had to return to Brazil for work and couldn't stay long enough to complete the registration process at the consul here in Vancouver. We were told that only the Brazilian spouse could pick up the documents required and she wouldn't be able to wait long enough (we were delayed because I needed a full birth certificate, which I didn't have)
3) When we were talking about other options with the woman at the consulate, my wife asked if there was a way to do this all from inside Brazil. The woman, surprisingly, said this was no problem.
4) We got a verification stamp on the wedding certificate, then she took it to Brazil, straight to the Cartorio and got everything approved. We didn't need the certidado de casamento from the consulate, just the standard canadian marriage certificate with a stamp on it (this stamp took about five minutes to do at the consulate and cost about 15 dollars). She got it translated, took it to the cartorio, and that was it.
5) I arrived in Brazil with the rest of my documents and that was that. I'm now a resident.

This seems to go against the standard advice I've read that the embassy needs to issue a certidado de casamento in order for the wedding to be valid in Brazil. The Canadian version was more than enough, just translated and with a stamp from the embassy.

This is pretty strange because my understanding of the consulate website says this isn't possible. But it was, and it was extremely easy and cheap (no need to pay the fees at the consulate to issue the certidao)

Anyone had this happen?



Wow - you were very lucky.  It's more likely that you won the lottery rather than stumbled into an actual alternate process, but your marriage is registered here, and that's huge.  Glad that it worked out for you.  :one
You say that now you're a resident.   So, the Federal Police process went smoothly, and you have your CRNM?

Yes, absolutely. The process was extremely easy. I needed:

1) Criminal record check from Canada (translated and stamped)
2) Birth Certificate (translated and stamped)
3) Passport copy (translated)
4) The Brazilian wedding certificate issued by the cartorio.

When this was all complete, the Federal Police took my documents, took my fingerprints, issued me a protocolo to use for travel and such (already tried it twice, worked fine) and stamped my passport. I'm going to receive my CRNM in a few months, but I really don't need it as the protocolo works fine.

Yes, I also think I might be lucky. But it seems, in my mind, like the cartorios really don't care what they are presented with. It shows that my wife and I are married, and they want to take a fee to create a Brazilian document, so it really seems unlikely that they would stop the process when they could continue.

Also, we did this in Vitoria, ES where they don't see a lot of gringos. I doubt the cartorio in question had ever seen this procedure before and likely 'took my wife's word for it'. This might be different in Rio or Sao Paulo.

Yes, people's experience with cartórios varies all over the map.  You got a good one.   Also, in my unscientific observations, Capixabas are some of the nicest, most easygoing people in Brazil.
Congratulations, and enjoy.  :D

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