Monthly expenditure in Dusseldorf

Hello team,

I hope I am not repeating this question from a previous forum. In that case please post the link to the forum.

I have been offered a job in Dusseldorf. I will be coming in with my wife. I would like to understand what I can expect to be the average expenditure for 2 people staying in either the city centre or somewhat away from the city centre (given the rent differential could be high).

I know expenditures can very greatly, but a ballpark figure with basic expenditure estimates  including occasional dine outs should be good enough.


Try for costs. Have you checked other posts here on the forum?

Depending on your lifestyle expectations and spending habits (which you did not mention and thus we cannot know), you'll need somewhere in the range of €800 - €8000/month for the two of you.
Hope this helps. If not, at least it's the truth.

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