which is the BEST electricity company (Andalucía)?

Hi there, we have built a new house and we wonder which is the best electricity company to use (in Granada).
We had no choice of the electricity Distributor (Endesa), but our experience with Endesa has been very poor (and expensive) and we are looking to find a better supplier.
Anyone got a recommendation?
Thank you

Hi Simon,
I have HolaLuz company for two years, and I am very satisfied with it, they don't have physical office, only operate per internet or phone, but it is easy to contact them and contract their services . I would recommend this company.
best regards

I will check them out now, but your answer is exactly what I was hoping for.

We switched from Endesa when a company promised us 20% lower charges.We therefore switched to Aldro. We started to have money extracted from our account each month but never received an invoice. One month, the charges were so high, I asked the company for an explanation, which was not forthcoming. The only resort left was to ask my bank to return the standing order unpaid. I thought that this would create a response. Wrong. Two months later our power was cutoff without the courtesy of any warning, although we had paid the subsequent bills.
I tried to contact them on more than several occasions, twice being left on the liine for 14 and 16 minutes respectively. In total frustration at not being able to communicate with them, I physically went to their bank and paid the outstanding amount. It then took a further 3 days to get reconnected which I did by contacting Endesa, who were extremely helpful.

Be careful before you change but if you do - do not go anywhere near Aldro. Hope this helps

Incidentally, I sent them an email stating my dissatisfaction. That was two weeks ago and guess what yes -I am still waiting for a response.

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