Where to buy a kitchen scale for baking?

Hello, fellow expats! I am new here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place/category, etc. 

I want to buy a kitchen scale for more accurate baking.  I have seen one that is pretty much what I want at the Korean barbecue restaurant near Talat Sikhai (lI have lived in Ban Sikhai Tha for a couple years now).  I asked the staff where they bought it, but they didn't know.  I'm guessing it had been there a while, and nobody knew where it came from.  But anyway, I know they must be available somewhere.  I have looked at HomeIdeal, and I've also looked at Tesco and other places in NongKhai and UdonThani.   Where else can I look?  I would rather not buy online, but am willing to resort to that.

Thank you!  :)

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I would Google 'cooking classes Vientiane' and contact them. Try JS Appliances Chao Anou Road.
Tee electronics have a Facebook page and would be worth a look.
Have you tried a look around the Talat Sao Market?

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