Direct flights from Malta (when and where)

Does anyone know of an online resource that shows a list of all the direct flights from Malta and when they fly. It seems at different times of year there are different flights and I am trying to get an overview to plan best times for different business travel.

Even though I never checked it out myself you should get this information from the website of Malta Airport Luqa. Of course you can also check out the website of Air Malta, but there are at least a dozen
airlines coming to Malta.

Yes, I also noticed that there're summer-time and winter-time schedules for some flight(s) between my home country and Malta.
I'd suggest you using the Google  Flights Calendar

What I used to do is to go to the MIA website and click on Passengers -> Flights -> Airlines and then check manually.

You are right, Malta has traditionally been a "summer" destination so some airlines run additional flights during the period or some altogether only run during summer.

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