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I am looking at the possibility of moving to live and work in Muscat. If I have a reservation it is that I don't really know anything about Muscat. I am a single, middle aged and lawyer. I like sport (esp football), cinema, travel and cooking. Above all I like hanging out with fronds but, of course, I won't have any in Muscat. So my question is how easy is to to make connections and friends in the English speaking expat community and how do I go about that please? Is life in Muscat fun and exciting or is it more of. family place and a bit dull and quiet if you are looking to meet new friends and party??!

Hi KB1905,

Muscat is a predominantly an Asian expat filled cosmopolitan city.

There will be little or no social interactions between the locals (Omanis) and the (any) expatriates. Birds of the same feather flock together.

Inter sex interactions would be minimal and few and far between at best. There is no formal dating scene. There is a small pub culture which tarries mostly amongst the western expats. And of course, there is no partying that happens in any public circles. Partying will be at best within one's closed doors and with the volumes turned low.

If you are seeking an active nightlife then there is none in Muscat, or elsewhere in the Sultanate.

Muscat is a calm, quiet and low-profile place as opposed to Dubai in the U.A.E. which is quite the opposite. Dubai could well earn the uncomplimentary sobriquet 'Sin City of the Middle East' for its spectrum of high-adrenaline (and mostly illegal) activities.

The people in Muscat seem to predominantly prefer the peace and the quiet, rather than the fast and the furious lifestyle.

As long as earning and saving potential you may please come to Muscat.  But other activities are not much  in Muscat until you have to spend a lot for re-creative activities and fun.  Everything is costly.

If you are fine to save less then you get everything here (with restriction).

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