Bringing in our Furry Friend to Indonesia

Hello Guys

I had an issue when bringing my furry family member from Dubai and hope this will not happen to you.

I sent my beloved silky terrier by Emirtes cargo from Dubai to Jakarta, he's been with us since puppy.

I fullfil all neccesary docs which was mentioned in indonesian Agriculture Ministry web & Animal Husbandry and Dubai Municipality & Emirates Quarantine Cargo also JAS Jakarta Airport Service as my Pet Relocator Service, unfortunately I got stucked by Airport custom at Soekarno Hatta eventhough airport quarantine dept has given a release form.

Lots of drama saying custom rule is different with animal husbandry, (Huge Drama)

After a long & exhausting war with head of airport custom, my dog's finally released.

My advise to you is "after your paperworks has been done, get your pet to fly with you as passenger cargo. It might be a bit more expensive but the chance of releasing is way bigger than sending via pet cargo by itself."


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