Our Mechanical behaviour

Do you guys agree most of people are already earning good but their cerebral conditioning make them think to work more in their spare time?
Is this an illusion/brain default or competition to earn more?
Such guys dnt spare time for enjoyment in life.

I disagree.
People have an instinct to survive. Under normal conditions, they want to provide the best for their families and still have enough for a rainy day.
Under abnormal conditions, which we're currently in, many feel there is some sort of economic problem. One doesn't need a Master's in Economics to realize that the monopolization of big businesses, the decimation of middle size businesses and the newly occurring waning of small businesses are signs of trouble just up ahead, perhaps 2023.
There will always be time for some metal guitar, but the female octopus will die to protect her young. I think there's an octopus in this video:


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