Rent payment

When renting accommodation in Cambodia is the rent usally paid every month, what's the norm

Unless you make a deal to prepay 6 or 12 months, in order to get extra discount.

Usual is monthly and a one month deposit.



Can I assume then if I don't like the place I can move out anytime probably loose the deposit but that's ok

Why would you rent a place that you don't like?

You can visit the place many times before you decide.

Maybe better to rent for 6 months and sing it out.

Apart from loosing your deposit you breach the contract, a bad thing to do, which could cause some unpleasant reactions.

Try to keep things pleasant. Rent for 6 months and sing it out, leaving in a normal fashion.



My experience has been that the rent is paid monthly. You may also have to pay for electricity, water, refuse removal or WiFi. Often with the exception of electricity, all that is included in your rent. In my previous apartment the landlord calculated my electricity bill each month and I paid her. My present landlord hands me the original bill from the electricity company, I give him the money and he pays it for me.
    Deposits are often a source of tension. Yes, you can move mid-contract and may feel the need to even if the property seemed perfect when you first move in but best work on the basis you will get nothing back. Eg, before I knew better, I signed a lease for a year in a very nice apartment block and paid 2 months deposit. It was great for months until new, nightmare neighbours moved in upstairs. Despite the landlord agreeing the noise was shockingly bad, parties several nights a week etc and saying she would "deal with it" turned out they were friends of hers and nothing changed. I decided to move because of the noise. I work and couldn't sleep at night.  The agent I used intervened but she refused to refund anything and rerented the apartment almost immediately for $150 a month more than I paid. The next place was beautiful but now I'd advise against a newly built property. Beautiful house, 1 month's deposit paid then after two weeks the house suddenly stank of raw sewage. Long story short the plumbing was wrongly done but to make the place look good, it had been covered over in tonnes of concrete. Landlady admitted the problem, agreed she could not live there but said she could neither afford to fix it or refund my deposit and started manic crying when ever we spoke to her. The place stank like a sewage canal so we moved again. My current landlord seems more relaxed. It's an older property. I paid a month's deposit. He's been very good re maintenance, we provide our own WiFi, he calculates the water bill in front of me and seems, hopefully, to be a decent guy.
    It remains to be seen whether or not our deposit is returned at the end of our stay. Some people get lucky and others don't. That's about the sum of it here.

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