Indonesian woman who wish to move and get a job in London

Hi there,

Please introduce my self. My name is Natalia,from Indonesia.
I really wish to move to England and get a job there.My selection city would be London but I don't mind to live in any other city in England.

Well I'm 30 years old,I have 8 years experience working of human resource officer in some companies in Surabaya,Indonesia.

I'm also a translator.I used to translate any kind document..such as legal drafting,company annual report,romance novel,etc.
Usually I translate from english into indonesia.But I also can translate indonesia to english.

I'm living in one of city in Indonesia named Surabaya. I desperately wish to move to London and get a better life there.

If any information or any company who wants to employee me..please let me know.

Or anyone can share me any information I need..please answer this post.

Thank you very much

You're likely to face problems, finding legal work being your big one.
The unemployment rates in England are not going to help you, and you'll need to brush up your English grammar quite a lot before you have any hope of working in an office environment of any sort that requires clean English language skills.

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From what you've said, I think you will struggle to get a work visa.  The UK is very restrictive on who it allows to come and work here, to the extent they have created a list of shortage occupations for which people can come and work in the UK.  At the top of the England page of this forum is a thread titled "NON EU CITIZENS APPLYING FOR A UK WORK VISA"; I recommend you read it.  If you have any further specific questions, then please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Hi team,

Thank's for the information.

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