LOF for Wife

Hi my wife recently got an offer from a company. LOC is applied on 30 April. Its been 2 weeks now and still we dont have any update on that. I am in EP and my wife is in DP. Her job profile is sales promoter in a store. Does anyone have idea why its taking so much time? Also any experience if there is a chance to get it rejected as well?

Did you read the previous discussions in Singapore forum related to “Work” category? Secondly, we have a separate thread with subject “How long work pass..” which gives enough details on work pass process. Read all these discussions, you will get answer. Good luck

LoC applicationes are not any longer a formality that is almost always approved.
Nowadays, it takes similar time and the approval criteria seem similar to a regular work pass. (But of course nothing is published and things can change any time ...)

Thanks, can you please tell me how I can check the status? When I am checking EP online link using her FIN # it fulls up onlu her DP status.

I am not sure if LoC is shown in EPOnline - probably not.
Ask the employer, or MoM directly!

True, LoC is all together a separate thing. EPONLINE only shows your EP approval and under your EP, DPs approval.

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