Salman/ Everyone read this

Hello world

i am Salman and i am Saudi. i am 24 years old. I would like to have a small chat with all of you on here to say my words.

I am local and i am so welcoming. I just went back from America after being there for 10 years. I am posting this because i would like you all to talk since it is hard to meet you. I personally do not see you around much and i meant people from different countries and places. mostly Americans and Canadians and like English speakers, or more clearly non Arabs. I am really happy that i got on this site to meet ya'll and we could be friends or more. I had a person i believe she was American, or English and we met like for few minutes because i used to work at this computer/server place and we had a lot of people for training......Etc

So we had a small talk since i noticed her accent, but then she said that she was here for a week and then will leave. She told me that it is hard to talk to people from my country and make friends. Look yes it might be hard to start with anyone not just us Saudi's, but like me personally i am so welcoming and loving and i am open to anything pretty much plus i am open minded person and yes i do like to party and all that. It is just sad for me to see some people are scared, or not confident enough to do so. I would love to get to know you and talk to you and hangout/go out with you and all. We are super cool and chill people and no we love to share everything :) Please just message me anytime for anything. if you wanna hangout, party, drive around, go somewhere, do something like anything really i will be down since we all wanna have fun, talk, party, chill and much more. I do love people from different countries as well and i honestly all my friends are Americans anyway, but they are all in America and some other countries and places. You are all welcome and with open arms i would wanna say welcome aboard and i hope ya'll have a nice time and a nice day

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