Lost civil id

I lost my civil I’d and I’ll have my vacation soon month around month of June I was thinking I’ll just get my new civil ID when I return here in Kuwait because it’s the expiration date of it is by August and on my passport the residency permit is still valid until August. May concern is at the Airport are they gonna check for the civil ID? Or because the residency still valid and it’s exempted to the new rule here in kuwait about the civil and the residency on it. Thank you for those who will give their opinion

You still have time
Apply for new civil I'd.you will get it within one week.
Don't wait because it's Ramadan time now.
May be at airport they will check civil I'd, because new rules.

If ur residency stamped on the passport (old way) then no issue but if it's new as new system based on civil ID then u have to apply for new one for sure..
Re-double check and search u might find it somewhere..
Good luck..

Thank you for your response. I’m still exempted for the new rule because the expiration on my residency permit is still on 11th of August.

U are exempted being holding residence sticker in your passport. It is recomoded to carry photocopy of old Civil id with u

I don’t have.😞 but they not gonna ask for that in the airport right? That’s my concern

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