Finding a house maid in KLCC


I am moving to Kuala Lumpur soon with my kids. I would like to know how can I hire a good maid in KL. In England there used to be some websites where one can find a good housekeeper/maid of nanny.

Anything similar in Malaysia?


Are you looking for live-in? Most maids already living legally in Malaysia are live-out. There are agencies to hire maids and arrange their work permit.

If you have an employment pass or MM2H it's possible to bring one in. Otherwise it takes time to arrange a new one. … -agencies/

If you want live out there are different options including hourly help. Joining Facebook groups such as Expats - Malaysia or Expat World in Kuala Lumpur will give an interface to those looking for work (be sure to check their passport for a valid residence visa)

Maids in Malaysia


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