Taxes and mortgages

Hi - my husband and I are both self employed in the UK and are thinking of moving to live in Norway (my husband is Norwegian). We intend to continue to run our business in the UK.

My questions are has anyone done something similar as in taken a wage from their UK business and not earned directly in Norway and how that affected their tax payments. I’ve read it caps the amount you are liable for?

Also .... mortgages .... is it easy to get one in Norway and would my English wage be any use in getting a mortgage? … me-abroad/

This may be useful to you, or that site in general.

In terms of mortgages, your best bet may be to reach out to a bank (like DNB) and ask them about how they handle mortgages for people who are just moving to the country. You'd probably need a National ID Number to be able to apply, as this information is necessary in order to open bank accounts and the like, so you'd already need to be approved and in Norway (and probably acquire temporary lodging) in order to do so.

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