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Hello, I've been offered a job from Bahrain. My employer asked me to get my college documents such as degrees and mark sheets certified from my university. I talked to the Bahrain embassy in Delhi about the same. They informed me that the ministry of foreign affairs will attest my documents, not my college.  After that I talked to my employer told him the story, they said get it done from both. Ministry of foreign affairs is asking Rs 3500 (19BHD) per document to attest and Rs 2000 (11 BHD) application fees to get documents attested. I've 10 mark sheets and a degree that will be around Rs 40,500 (217 BHD) only to get my documents attested. I am confused about the scenario. What's the procedure from where we have to get our documents attested, College or Ministry of external affairs.

I can't speak for your country but the way it generally works is:

First attestation is from Ministry of Foreign Affairs but they WON'T attest educational certificates without the college or university or an education supervisory body in your country attesting it first.   And as far as I know, the only document that is attested is your degree - mark sheets are only submitted to the College for the first attestation.   The Bahrain Embassy only needs the degree, that's it.  I don't know why you are getting everything attested.

Thank you, sir, for your response. That means only my degree is needed to be attested,
by the ministry of foreign affairs, Marksheets doesn't need attestation. Sir, I've one question more what college-related documents required for the work permit?

For the visa, only the degree is needed.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your help.

Sir, One more question. Do I need medical checkup also for the visa? I asked this question to the employer they said it can be done in Bahrain also. So, from where do I have to get my medical done, My home country or after coming to Bahrain.

Both.  Pre-employment in home country and on the basis of the GAMCA report, visa will be issued.  When you arrive, there is another medical.

Only degree needs attestation, not all marksheets.
Flow will be
1st University  attests it
2nd Your State goverment's Education department
3rd Your State Government's General Administration Department
4th Ministry of External Affairs of India (They don't do it directly, you need to send to either of four listed agents on their website).
5th Bahrain Embassy

4th and 5th step is must. First 3 steps can vary depending on your state.
Department will be changed for other certificates like Birth certificate or marriage certificate depending on your state again, but finally it has to be MEA and Bahrain Embassy.

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