Babysitter/Nanny wanted

I'm planning to fly to Da Nang by the end of this month (May) to stay and work online for a while with my 3 year old son. I would definitely need someone to watch him for a few hours in the evenings and afternoons on the weekends, while I work. Does anyone have any suggestions or know any babysitters or nanny's you can refer to me? I would just need someone to keep him entertained for up to 3-6 hours a day.

Hi VeronicaAnita,

I suggest you to post this ad in the jobs in Da Nang > babysitting section.

Good luck,

Hi there, i suggest you register on workaway and ask for diligent traveler to "volunteer" caring for your kid in exchange of a place to stay if you have room for that of course.
I'm actually registered as a volunteer if that kind of arrangement fits you I'll be glad to help I'm traveling in south east Asia for 6 six months currently in Malaysia next month in Thailand and I should be in Da Nang for August, I'm on a budget so I think you understand the benefit of such exchange.
Let me know your interest
Best of luck

It will be a cultural enrichment experience for both of you.
Vietnamese are wonderful parents and their kids have less issues than westerners.
But I don't think they will understand the concept of entertaining a three year old.
I' still chuckling at the thought. :D

You will also probably have more luck looking for a half day person 7 days or at least 6 days a week who does everything for you, cooking, buying food, cleaning, watching your son.
It will also be a good way for you to live and learn about Vietnamese life.
Keep in mind that an educated school teacher is only earning $200 to $300US a month..
Don't overpay, you won't appreciated for it and will be less respected.
So $10 a day for what I describe is reasonable.

You're going to have to be very careful with this one and take some safety measures.
If you find people, make sure you get identification and check them carefully.
You might get better recommendations from locals, perhaps from locals in your housing complex or where ever you live.

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