Not return to job

I worked in Oman and my employer mentally torcher 3 months and blame that i steal from company when they investigate  i show all proof nothing he find at last i was very upset and on went on my annual leave then during my absence they more investigate and again nothing find and discussion was reach to my family members then he didn't give permission for again joining in last i put my resignation from home and company replied wit acceptance and all points i mention reason i resign.My visa already expired now i am planning to move other GCC country for job so any restriction or problem i will face ,Even i get my Good COnduct certificate from last company.
PLS advise

Hi bjr22pl,

Were you working on a proper 2-year employment visa ?

If so, how could it expire in 3-months ?

If there is no case filed against your name with the police, you are free to work anywhere in the GCC where you can find employment.

You will not face any problem in any of there GCC country. Try in UAE, Doha or Bahrain.

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