Any Architects on here?

Probably a long shot but would like to ask an architect in Mauritius some questions about the industry, namely :

- What sort of qualifications / registrations do employers expect?
- Which software is used in, Revit / Archicad?
- Is there registration with a professional body?
- Some other general questions


Please get in touch on inbox with me and I'll give you some pointers.

@ Teej2804 >

It would be best if you can give the pointers here on the forum.
Your advice can be helpful to other members.

Thank you,

Priscilla team

Not an architect so I can only reply to your third question.

Yes, there's a professional body to which all architects practicing in Mauritius should be registered to and also a code of practice to which all architects must abide.
I think it's called the Professional Architect Council of Mauritius or Mauritius Association of Architects.

Not quite sure, I will have to confirm this.

Hello is true you need to register with Mauritius association of ARCHITECT.


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