Eea family permit

Bonjour à  tous y'a t'il des personnes qui ont des renseignements  sur le statut de eea family permit j'aimerais savoir si on peut travailler avec en attendant d'obtenir le resident card merci pour vos réponses

May be they need you to speak English other wise they won't respond to you ,I guess ,you want to know if you can work with EEA family permit while expecting residents cards  thats your question ,I hope now people would understand and give some advice/help ,I guess you have Europeans passports if not so you have to tell it then they could know how to help ,if I'm here its just because I will go very soon to UK and I'm also looking for a help ,any way i'm just passing by ,have a good and sunny day ,god bless u all ....homera

Thank you homera

You're welcome😊

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