Building code questions in Tepetlaoxtoc

We have run into some trouble building our house in Mexico. Our house is on a tiny part of a shared family property that was split 10 ways when it was inherited and overlooks a large field. Since the property is so small the house is built all the way up to the property line. It is three stories and we built windows on the property line side. We don’t yet have glass in or a roof on. Today we got news that the owner of the field died and left the property to his sons and now they are causing a stink about us not being allowed to have windows on the property line side unless the house is built three meters from the property line. I am looking for building laws for the area and I don’t speak enough Spanish to find them myself. I’m trying to find loopholes like, what if the windows were completely opaque just to let light in or if we are allowed to have a covered porch on that side, like leave the current construction as it is just not actually put windows in (they are huge windows, 1 meter wide each, all the way across the side of the house and almost as tall as the wall itself. We could install fencing between each column. It could be a really nice porch!) and construct another interior wall 3 meters in with the windows. Or whatever we can do to fix this! We are offering to buy a three meter strip of their land but apparently these new owners are not very nice people and will either flat out refuse or will offer to sell it for a ridiculous amount of money just so we will have to block our windows in. We don’t know yet how they will respond though. Any ideas or tips?

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