what will be next this email recived on 04.05.2019

Dear Applicant

You have been granted a residence permit

We have registered your date of birth as ....

Please use your reference number (DUF-number), if you need to contact the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the Embassy or the police.

What happens next?

* If you applied from abroad, the Embassy or the application centre will contact you.
* If you applied at your local police district in Norway, we have sent the decision letter to you directly.
* If you have authorized someone to act on your behalf, we have sent the decision letter to this person (proxy).

If you or your proxy has a digital mailbox we have sent the decision letter there. Otherwise you will receive our letter by post, with more information, within the next two weeks.

The next thing you need to do is to order your residence card.

Next are written in your post.

What are your exact questions?

Till now 10 days, i didn't receive my passport...  Vfs say to my your application is still under processing...

Mean in how many days i will receive my passport back... Or when i received my passport back the date of visa will be start from 4.05.2019 or any other one... Because i received email from udi on 4rth may.... So date of resident permit will be the same...?

One question - Did you pay anything?

I recived this email from UDI.
I pay fee when i submit my application.
After 6 month i received this email your resident permit is granted.
I submitted my passport in vfs.
I received email on 4.05.2019
And submit pasport in vfs center on 5..5.2019
Today is 14 may still i didn't get my passport back... With visa sticker.
My question is how many time it will take?

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