Hello All,
I'm new to Germany. I landed here 3 weeks back. i'm in stuttgart and I purchased a vvs monthly pass for zone 1. today (saturday 11th may) I traveled by S BARN and I took a wrong train which i noticed little late and got down at kornwestheim. when i took a train back to my destination, a ticket checker asked for the ticket and i show him. then he said from next station zone 1 starts and this station comes in zone 2. so he gave me a fine slip which costs 60 E.  Is there any way to get help as i did this by mistake. any suggestion will be helpful.

Thank you in advance

-------in german

Hallo alle,
Ich bin neu in deutschland Ich bin vor 3 Wochen hier gelandet. ich bin in stuttgart und habe eine vvs-monatskarte für zone 1 gekauft. heute (samstag, 11. mai) bin ich mit der scheune gefahren und habe einen falschen zug genommen, den ich etwas spät bemerkt habe und bin in kornwestheim angekommen. als ich mit dem zug zurück an mein ziel fuhr, fragte ein ticket checker nach dem ticket und ich zeige es ihm. Dann sagte er, dass die nächste Station in Zone 1 startet und diese Station in Zone 2 kommt. Also gab er mir einen Feinbeleg, der 60 E kostet. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, wie ich aus Versehen Hilfe bekomme? Jeder Vorschlag wird hilfreich sein

Danke im Voraus

You took the train without a valid ticket. Thus you have to pay the fine.
You can try to contact the office mentioned on the siip, but don't put much hope into it.
Next time, before you board the train back, buy a ticket!

By the way: It is "S-Bahn". "Barn" is the English word for an agricultural shed - and your German text (automatically translated?) says you drove in a shed. Funny!

Well you did have a ticket a monthly VVS ticket but just for 1 zone. Since you ended up in the second zone, you should have purchased an additional 1 zone ticket from a machine in Kornwestheim to ride back to the first zone. The problem is that people always have an excuse that they forgot or got off at the wrong stop etc. The controllers usually tell you where the office is where you can contest the fine. But like Beppi mentioned, there is really no chance they will just ignore it - but when you expain your sitaution and show that you are not in Germany very long then you might get lucky and have them reduce the fine. Otherwise, it was an expensive lesson.

Count yourself lucky it was only €60. I know Austris isn't Germany. But the fine is €103 if you can pay on the spot if not it goes up to €135 to be paid in 4 weeks.

That aside if you are tight with funds you could ask if you could pay insaltments. 2 x €30 for instance. Good luck.

Of course; he should have come to live in North Yorkshire, where I can guarantee no fines at all for riding on the S-Bahn without a ticket; mainly because we don't have an S-Bahn (or any other type of Bahn worth talking about).

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