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Hello All,

I have been granted work visa for Bahrain and I will be landing there next week. In my home country I have few bad debts. Some of those are for well known banks which also have their offices in Bahrain as well.

My worry is that will the immigration or Bahrain government or my employer in Bahrain will deny me a job if they get to know about my bad debts in my home country through credit bureaus?.  I plan to clear those bad debts in the next few months.

Advice from forum members will be highly appreciated.

No issue.  The issues are with lending not visas.

you wont have any issues as such. But make sure there are not criminal cases against you. Cheque Bounce is considered a criminal case. If they have raised a case against you, you may have a problem with the immigration or somewhere down the line you may be extradited/brought back for trial.

my advice, temporarily pay off little money to buy some time. else meet the concerned people and ask for some time. Maintain a low profile life here, save and pay off the money at the earliest.

all the best :)

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