Possible to live on 5.5k?

Hi. I am looking for a job in China and there's one I really like to get. But they are offering 5500 RMB per month? Is it possible to survive on this amount in a city like Beijing? What about in Xi'an? As I have checked some apartment renting websites I see the rents are quite higher than this but I will appreciate to have your ideas too.

No,you cannot live on 5.5k in Beijing.

The only way that this salary would be acceptable is if you also had free or shared housing and a food allowance. Then it could be possible.

Thank you. Good help

TRY SHENZHEN---   I have a nice two room LITTLE apartment- (NEW), with washing machine & air con....  beside the airport and it costs me 2250 RMB a month INCLUDING all the utilities and Air con and elevator use and management fees. And 10 minutes away is a 50 different dish CHINESE BUFFET which costs me from 15 RMB to max 26 RMB depending on how hungry I am. SO actually you could SAVE MONEY here on 5500!  ha . ha

The average salary in Beijing is 10,500 yuan.  That's half the average salary.  If you have free housing you can survive but it will be a very basic lifestyle.  If you don't get free housing you can still survive but it would be a miserable existence with shared accommodation.  6-8k outside the 4th ring road is the standard/month and inside the 3rd ringroad... forget it.  20k+.

I'm at least double your salary for living expenses alone (with paid for accommodation).  Xian is a different beast but rents still aren't cheap there you're going be spending at 2,500 for a small place.  Your salary is  entry level for a recent graduate from a low ranked university, not an expat with experience.

Oh that's good news. Actually I have a friend in Shenzhen maybe she can help me get employed there. How long does it take and how much do you pay for commuting to work and back each day. As you say it is near the airport.

Thank you mattyTE. I will definitely not accept this salary as I'm not planning to live a miserable life in a foreign country.

YES-- 5500RMB is now low .. EVEN for many Chinese . I used to train Chinese teachers and some of them make between 6 and 8K per month. That is low for a foreigner??
But regards living near the airport--  CHEAP- yes---  you can get a one room for 1350/mth. BUT YOU MUST take buses or Metro. TWO LINES are near the airport. LINE ONE goes through middle of Shenzhen to LOUHU---   and Line 11 STOPS AT the airport and goes to Nanshan; ETC...  and also crosses Line One twice..    I ride the metro FREE because I am over 65... but metro prices are about the same as Guangzhou-- just a bit more....   BUT THERE ARE OTHER CHEAP AREAS as well----
BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE is get an apartment NEAR to where you work-- CHEAPER--  and saves a lot of time. TAKES an HOUR AND A HALF to get from here to Louhu AFTER YOU BOARD THE METRO!!

AND DO NOT FORGET your visa stamps if you are only here on a tourist visa----   traveling to Hong Kong every 2 months is EXPENSIVE if you are not near--  and impossible on holidays! I am not here to work so does not matter to me about the time- etc...    TODAY I rode a bike from north of the airport to Futian checkpoint for my stamp! I assume you do not have a WORK PERMIT since you are "looking for work"??  MAKE SURE you do not work without one!  BIG FINE and deportation. AND YES-- they do check! AND DO NOT BE LATE for your VISA STAMP!!   Hope that helps.....   GOOD LUCK DUDE!

Thank you very much for your advice. I know that the visa issue is really serious that's why I am looking for a company that sponsors my work permit. I am also very careful about such issues. I prefer not to get there unless I'm sure there is no problem.
Thanks again for your kind help.

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