Cats / Pet Food in the Maldives

Hi there all,
I have now seen a lot of questions about taking cats into the Maldives, if there is a vet and if veterinarian diet food products are available such as Royal Canin. And I was wondering if there were any answers to those questions.
My partner & I will be relocating to the Maldives soon with our x2 cats. One is diabetic but thankfully controlled with the Royal Canin Glycobalance dry food. Does anyone know if this is available in the Maldives? If you do have a cat, I'd really like to know what food you a giving them ad where you purchase it. I really need these answers asap as I am supposed to be there in one month's time.

Thanks & hope someone can help.

There was a recent opening of a vet clinic in Vilimale'. Call their hotline and check it out

The Vet Services will be open for appointments on Mondays and Thursdays from 2pm - 4pm. The hotline number for the Center is 7448286.

Thank you I will do so.

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