Mixed Marriage(Indian with Moroccan)

Hello everyone,

I am an 29 year old Indian resident living in Germany. I have a residence permit(blue card) from Germany and have an Indian passport. I am going to marry my fiancee who happens to be a Moroccan coming August.

I would request some help from this community to do the deed successfully and in a timely manner :) 
Based on the helpful and quite detailed posts earlier in the forum I have an idea of what documents I will need to go ahead with the marriage but still have some open questions surrounding some of the documents. As I am going to India this month I want to get all my papers done back home so that I can come back to Germany well prepared. Here is the list of documents I could figure out that I will need(please take a look at my questions in red):

-- A birth certificate issued within the last 3 months (this must be a FULL birth certificate – with information of mother and father)

-- Letter of employment (stating where I work, start date of employment, working hours and annual salary)  -- Contract is available in German, is it a problem?

-- Payslips for the 3 months before arriving in Morocco to submit the papers

-- Police check from the home country What kind of police check is acceptable in Morocco for Indian citizens. Local police station would suffice or they need it from a special authority? From the posts I know its Acro for UK, but not sure what is acceptable from India

-- Certificate of religion Where do I get this? If done by Indian embassy, can it be done in India or only Indian embassy in Morocco

-- Capacity certificate Where do I get this?

-- Copy of my residence permit

In addition, my fiancee enlightened me that all of my documents should have an Apostile stamp on that . But, do I also need the Apostile stamp on papers like payslips ?

I came across two posts that stated handling this in two different ways.

- Post 1: Partner did some papers with British embassy in Morocco(like capacity, religion).
- Post 2: All the above stated documents were sent to Moroccan embassy in Australia before the man travelled to Morocco.

I am not sure which is the best suited and correct way for my situation.

It will be really helpful for me if you could address my questions or share your experiences with me.

Thank you :) 🙏

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