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Hello I am Akhil  I am working in a private company I joined before 6 months with 2 years of agreement letter but here the work time is 11hour but they said in letter 8 hour. And salary is not in correct month and this company holding materials is out of date I don't like the job I don't want to continue here what to do for escape from this place I really hate this place please help me..

Hi Akhil,
You already passed 6 months in your company so you can ask the management directly that you want to cancel your visa (give them any personal reason or family issue). No need to worry about it anymore, legally they can not force you to continue. As per my knowledge, you have to give them your 1 month of service as a notice period. After 1 month you can go to your country or else you have to pay them a 1-month of salary if you want to go immediately. (This varies and depends on the company rule.) If you really want to cancel your visa then intimate them as soon as possible.

Bro keeps in mind that if you will cancel your visa you have 2 years of a ban in getting Oman visa again.

Bro my visa expiry in 2 year it is any problem

No, If you wish you can cancel at any time in between 2 years but you are not allowed to work in Oman for 2 years after cancellation.

They said to pay visa cash what will i do bro is any rule or law


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