EP application rejected due to Job market review not satisfactory.

Hey, my Employer had applied for my EP application and it got rejected and MOM had asked for the new job application to be launched due to some issue with job market review.
Employer had posted the job again and appealed after 15 days.

I'm aware that it takes atleast 3 weeks to get the decision.

Can someone please help me with the EP chances to get approved considering that company is paying quite decent salary.

updated information, my application had been approved today

Maddy24: Please read related forum discussions to understand the EP approval criteria.
If you then have more specific questions, which were not yet discussed, you may come back and post them here.
Thanks for your understanding!

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have gone through the previous threads and most of my queries are resolved.

Could you please help me with just one query: Per your experience, do you see any chances of appeal to get rejected if EP application got rejected first time due to "job market review is not satisfactory".

I believe that I qualify most of the eligibility criteria points.

Any leads would be highly appreciated.

“Job market review is not satisfactory” possible narration may be relevant work experience are not commensurate with the job position that is being applied for. Changing industries or job roles may be difficult for a foreigner unless they can demonstrate a transferrable skillset.

Are you able to compare yourself with your previous experiences with the job applied for? Rate how both requirements and your skills set sync up in between. You can only appeal if you have valid rationale to proof your candidacy is fit for the position. Good luck

Skill set is in sync with the job offered. Even the job title is same as previous one.
Hoping for the positive result.

How about salary offered for the job in comparison to market standard salary? MoM takes all parameters for its consideration. Good luck

Salary is quite decent. Between 7-10k SGD for around 4 years exp.

You need to check how the offered salary is comparable with market standard in Singapore.

MoM also checks that there should not be much deviation whether at higher end or lower end with market.

MOM asked some additional questions to the employer. Is that a positive sign or can anyone please comment your views on this?

It means they are processing and have some open questions.
Whether positive or negative depends on the answers your employer gives.

I hope it should take just 3-4 more days now to get any status.

Open questions are usually clarified at the beginning of the process. Thus I suspect it will still take some time. Be patient: A month is currently the average processing time (and additional questions might delay it further).

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