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I am from India, am in process of getting offer letter from Malaysia employer. I am also in notice period, last date is end of June. Can you please give some advice - generally how many days it takes to process the EP visa after offer letter acceptance. I am wondering whether everything will be completed by June or not.


It's a bit unpredictable these days if applications will get approved following the recent clamp down on foreign recruitment. The time line is about 4-5 weeks when a security check plus approval and collection of a Single Entry Visa (VDR) before departure is required, as for Indian citizens. With Ramadan and Raya further delays usually take place due to shorter working hours. However 6-7 weeks should be feasible.

Ok, thanks for quick reply, I will keep you posted once I receive offer letter.

May I enquire what kind of job it is because sector approval in some cases is slower than others and it's needed before immigration can proceed. There are also two processing routes, ESD or MDEC depending on job type. MDEC is usually for Information Technology jobs and can be slightly quicker

It's permanent job in Malaysia and IT ENGINEER in insurance company.

Software Engineer?

"Permanent Job" actually has no real significance because foreigners are always subject to immigration prevailing rules. It is just how the company designates the position in their HR planning

Yes it's for software engineer. It's permanent role, so PF will be there, yes immigration rules will be same here for permanent role as well.
Do you know what kind of visa it will be for permanent role?

There is no different visa. It will be a straightforward Employment Pass. It will be valid for 1 year regardless of the length of the contract of employment

As you are on a tight schedule please find the Quick Guide at the following link and read Annex 1 about paperwork required for the EP application

Regarding EPF do check the exact contribution rate by the employer because foreigners are not covered by the standard rates and employers can offer what they want eg as low as rm20 per month.

Thanks a lot Gravitas for the information.
Regarding EPF, in the beginning, it was mentioned that contribution is 15%. It will be confirmed in offer letter, once I receive it.

As you mentioned that MDEC is usually for Information Technology jobs and can be slightly quicker, can you share the quickguide for MDEC, you shared for ESD.

The processes are the same and MDEC goes through ESD for immigration clearance and processing. The quicker part is sectoral clearance is done in MDEC.

But insurance companies would normally go through ESD for all types of job. It is company specific not job specific.

There is no MDEC guide. They have some checklists for MSC and nonMSC companies.

The main issue is Certified True Copies are required by immigration. If not readily available they take extra time to arrange

EPF employers contribution is 12% not 15%

ok thanks Gravitas.

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