Looking for Furniture & other household items


I’m looking to move to Nairobi from UK at the end of May for 2 years.
Expecting to get an unfurnished apartment/ house.

Please let me know if anyone within this forum that know any expats returning to their country and would like to sell all their items in one hit.

Thank you


Hello Minehill,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

You may want to have a look at the household items for sale here : Moving sales in Kenya

All the best,

Team Expat.com

Hello Diksha

Thank you for the welcome and sending the link.

There is a few items however if / when there is a fresh advert for sale items, please do let me know so I can get in quickly.

Many thanks



You need to keep checking the site yourself.

Oh yes, I am planning to do so. In fact almost every day.

Just mentioned incase someone sees such an advert before I do ....


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