Accommodation in Puerto Rico: scams you should look out for


Committing to renting or buying accommodation when you’re new to or have not moved to Puerto Rico just yet is always a stressful endeavour. Would you like to help us in putting together a handbook of what to look out for when house hunting in Puerto Rico?

What are the most common scams in Puerto Rico?

What are the red flags to look out for when scanning through adverts?

Is there a list of registered or accredited landlords or real estate agencies in Puerto Rico?

What authorities should be sought should one come across an accommodation scam?

Please share your experience,


I'm moving to Puerto Rico this Saturday. I was there for 9 days on a house hunting trip recently and was dismayed by the lack of return calls from realtors. Banco Popular has a site,, that has foreclosures for sale or rent-to-own. I received a call from the agent assigned once I was back on the mainland. And that was after about five phone calls. Someone tried to scam me on Craig's List. I was able to find an apartment in Wish me luck!

Never exchange any money for rent .purchase ANYTHING.Until you actually see LEGAL ownership if the house you ar3 interested in here in P.r.Oldest scam in the book try and sell you something they don't own. Best approach is foreclosures and if possible find out which bank owns it. Otherwise the listing agents never call you back.i know only from my own years of experience.some agents listed on sites I have come to believe may not even exist at all.I am in process of buying a second foreclosure on the island and the Only way I actually had a real agent contact me was I approached the bank that owns it.You shouldn't have to do that but agents here are low energy .But dont waste your time leaving messages etc. They will never call you back I promise.....go through the bank and you have to physically go not show you are serious.hope this helps.

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