Accommodation in India: scams you should look out for


Committing to renting or buying accommodation when you’re new to or have not moved to India just yet is always a stressful endeavour. Would you like to help us in putting together a handbook of what to look out for when house hunting in India?

What are the most common scams in India?

What are the red flags to look out for when scanning through adverts?

Is there a list of registered or accredited landlords or real estate agencies in India?

What authorities should be sought should one come across an accommodation scam?

Please share your experience,


Sorry I just stayed in guest houses.

Would love more insight on this topic

I had only this one experience: the landlord didn't pay back the deposit, also was ruthless loud (TV at night), his comment: his son has holiday.
btw. he was engineer and living in germany for some time  :(

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