Bringing foodstuff to Mauritius

I have been following the forum for a while since my husband was contemplating moving to Mauritius. Now, we may be finally moving there from India soon. I have several queries and would really appreciate your answers.

1. Having researched a bit we are thinking of renting a house in Flic-en-Flac or Quatres Bornes. Which of these wud u suggest. I know there are lots of Indians in Quatres Bornes but is Flic-en-Flac more lively? We'd like to be stay someplace thats safe and buzzing with activity.

2. Though I know gradually we'll have to find our way around getting supplies in Mauritius I am very keen on taking my basic food stuff from India as we will have enough space in the container we will get shipped. Has anyone ever done that before. Also is it allowed or are there some rules for the same?

3. How easy is it to find domestic help. I just need someone to do cleaning and maybe iron and stuff for a couple of hours daily. How much would that cost?

Thanks. Hoping to meet up with u guys soon.

Welcome to Expat-blog Vids! :)

Thanks for the welcome Christine. Hope to find some answers and looking forward to meeting you soon.

Hi Vids ,

01 for accomodation  let me suggest you that QB is more good that F & F in below terms

1 More Indian expat
2 Indian Food stuff & grocery is available in QB
3 vegetable market is nearby - Specially QB market is known.

also it depend on where is a work place , as a key factor to decide

02 . for container its not much difficult to bring from india and there are no much restrictions even to bring . container can be brought within 6 months from your arrival to mauritius , i presume that you will get support of clearing agent from company only.

03 . in mauritius you can get person for house keeping cooking on daily basis as well.

wish you all the luck

hi vids,

1. if you like city activities then quatres bornes and port louis would suite you
2. u'll find all spices of india in mauritius(most of them), curries, indian restos everywhere, local food is a mix of indian & creole...not alu phratas though, havent since them cook instead you may have dol puris and rotis!
3. easy to find, but a bit of an expense, you'll pay around 8k rupees for a maid

i'm in mauritius, but visited india some ten years ago. food is a little more expensive, just as lifestyle, fashions; as we source up from india.

nevertheless, cooks do have comparable tastes in same,
hope info helps,

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