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Good day my name is Joe and I will be relocating to Barcelona from the US in June. I intend to stay a year perhaps longer. Can anyone explain the requirements to get my ya license converted? Will I have to retake tests written and practical? Would appreciate any information you could provide

You will have to take a course,  written test (score 90%), and driving training then pass a practical test. You have to sign up with a driving school and they have to recommend you when they feel you are ready to take tests.o

Thanks so much still have a lot to learn heading to Barcelona end of June can’t wait to jump in !

I got my Spanish license about a year ago. It isn't easy to pass. A lot of people fail, especially the "practical" test. It isn't a "gift" like in the US. I dont remember the exact amounts of the fees, but count on spending about 500 euros. You can start as I did by taking online practical tests. There is a site called where you can sign up as a student free. You can then click on permiso B Turismo, for a normal license or one of the others for motorscooters, or motorcycle and start taking sample tests. I recommend taking all the tests until you have passed them. Also you will need to learn the signs which are different in Europe. At that point you are ready for driving school. Ask around for a good one. I used Castellon on Alicante and was very happy with my instructor. You need driving school because driving and the laws are very different in Europe from the US. Also you will need to take the test in a car with an extra set of pedals. The driving school will let you know what to do. If you have free classes included in the school, I recommend going to them. You will have to pass a physical and the school will set you up for the written test. You get 3 chances to pass the 2 tests, so I recommend OVERSTUDYING for the written test. Once you have passed the written test and the instructor and you yourself think you are ready, they will sign you up for the driving test.  The examiners are very strict and where I went to school about 1/2 the students fail, in spite of good instruction. That's why you want to have 2 tries for the practical. I was lucky and passed both first shot. If you dont pass, you have to start over, but I think you get credit for the test you have passed. I consider the 500 euros I spent to be well spent.

Read you are coming at the end of June. I recommend you get started on now.

Thank you for such a helpful post which I am sure will be appreciated by many. I have heard that an International Driver"s Licence is good for the first six months. On that basis, perhaps its best to arrive with one to have some time for obtaining the local license?  Thank you,  -nowretired

Agree. i used the international license for many years as a tourist.
Not sure if it is 6 months or a year, however, once you are a resident, the Spanish license is required.
Perhaps Johncar can weigh in on exact laws. In any case, I recommend reviewing signage and basic laws to American tourists.

Appreciate the feedback really looking forward to the adventure


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